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- Transfer iphone SMS,Contact,call list,songs and more to Windows PC

Cucusoft iPhone Backup Tool Kits can easily backup and transfer iPhone songs, videos, photos, SMS, call list, contacts and books(you purchased via iBook Store) to computer. And even enable your iPhone as a removable hard disk. With Cucusoft iPhone Backup Tool Kits,you can transfer SMS messages and contacts from iphone/iphone3G/iphone3GS/iphone4/iphone5 to computer,and then protecting your contacts and SMS messages with a password to keep your privacy,your important personal information will be never lost. Cucusoft iPhone Backup Tool Kits supports iPad, iPod touch as well.

Cucusoft iPhone Backup Tool Kits is a must-have utility to keep your iPhone safe if you have an iPhone.What’s more,Cucusoft iPhone Backup Tool Kits supports iPad, iPod touch as well.Now, Cucusoft iPhone Backup Tool Kits, Support iOS 6,iOS 5,iOS 4 system and more

All Iphone data to PC
SMS+Contact to PC
iPhone SMS to PC
Iphone Contact to PC
iPhone iPad to PC
Use guide to backup iphone SMS,Contact,Music,Photo,Call list and more to Computer

Before jailbreaking iphone or update iphone iOS system,you must backup all iphone data to comoputer.You need to use the third software,because iTunes only support transfer Multimedia files,you need use the third software to manage your SMS messages,Contact and Call list on computer.

Lots of iPhone users have the same trouble that is they can't backup the SMS messages,Contact and Call list  to anywhere when the SMS box is full, then they have to delete all of them to prevent iPhone rejecting new SMS receiving. Next the software is the best iphone backup tool,hope that it can help you.

1. iBooks Transfer, backup iPhone books easily 

2. Transfer iPhone music/video to computer or iTunes

3. Export iPhone photo to computer

4. iPhone SMS Transfer, backup iPhone SMS to computer

5. Call list transfer, transfer iPhone Call list to computer

6. Backup and transfer iPhone contacts to hard drive

Step1: Install and Run iTunes

Before using the Cucusoft iPhone Tool kits on your computer. You should install iTunes firest. If you have installed iTunes, you can connect your iPhone to your PC. Normally, iTunes will be auto-run first. In iTunes, make sure that "Enable disk use" has been checked in the iphone Options.

Step2: Install Cucusoft iPhone Tool kits and run

Then you can free download Cucusoft iPhone Tool kits on to your local computer hard drive. Launch it when finishing stall. Run our program. It will auto-scan the iPhone on your PC. If the iPhone is enabled, the files (iBooks) will be shown in the list. Hit the "Call list Transfer ". There is another new Windows disaplaying and show your iPhone iBooks.


Step3: Transfer iPhone Call list

From this list, you can now select and checkmark the files you want to back up. Click the "Export" button. All your selected call list will be exported to your computer specific file folder. Then you can open them on your computer.


Button Function description
1 To copy the call list to your pc
2 Sstatus currently.  
3 Quickly find items.


Step4: Done

That's it! The files of call list are now backed up to your computer.


If you would likt to change the default setting on Cucusoft iPhone Tool kits. you can make some changes. For example. You can select the language according to what language you are useing.This program have several skin, you can select what you like. One of the most important is that you can change the dafult save path. After all setting changed. you can hit the button "OKay" to save it.


What else can Cucusoft iPhone Tool Kits do?

  iPhone Music and video files transfer 
Cucusoft iPhone Tool Kits support iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4G, iTouch, iPhone OS 4.0. Easily transfer iPhone or iPod touch music and video files to computer. Transfer music and video playlist to iTunes. Backup playlist on iPhone to new computer. 

  iPhone photo transfer 
Transfer iPod touch/iPhone photo files to your PC or the iTunes with extremely fast speed. Batch mode. No matter the photo you syncing from computer or you take by your iPhone camera. You can backup with this iPhone photo transfer easily. 
  iPhone SMS Transfer 
A powful iPhone SMS manage software. You can easily export SMS from iPhone to computer as .txt, .csv files so that you can keep them on computer and you can restore when necessary.
  iPhone Call list transfer 
With Cucusoft iPhone Tool Kits. You can backup and transfer all the call list on your iPhone to computer without lose anything. It is a perfect iPhone call list transfer.
  iPhone contacts Transfer 
Backup Call List to Computer with Multiple File Formats. By transferring iPhone contacts to computer, you can restore the contacts to iPhone when your iPhone contacts lost or you can sync the iPhone contacts to other E-mail address.
  iPhone Disk and File Utilities 
Make iPhone as a removable hard disk, you can save your own file on your iPhone. You can access your iPhone as a USB drive and open any files on iPhone and move them.
  iBooks Transfer 
Cucusoft iPhone Tool Kits is a useful iBooks Transfer. You can export the iBooks on iPhone to computer if you have purchased the Books on iBooks store.

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